A graduate of the Sheridan College Bachelors of Illustration program, Chad Covino explores the world through traditional and digital methods. His illustration work focuses around strong brush strokes and textures, but he embraces all forms of narrative such as podcasts and videos to tell elaborate and wildly exaggerated stories, with the sole purpose to captivate and entertain.  

An avid supporter of local coffee, he can usually be spotted at cupping events and latte art competitions around the D.C. area, sporting an O.C.B.D. (oxford cloth button down) or a good plaid shirt.


Side note: His favorite tasting notes include stonefruit, toasted almonds, and cherry. 

Where you've seen my work:

Hawk and Squirrel Podcast
Touched by Fire Gallery show - (Toronto, Canada)
AWOL Gallery Square foot Show - (Toronto, Canada)
Birds and the Bee's Fundraiser Show - (Toronto, Canada)
Street Fighter 20th Anniversary Tribute Art book

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